5 Reasons Why Your Team Needs A Custom App

sports appSports are a highly popular form of entertainment for millions of Americans. Whether you are affiliated with a high school team, a college team or a pro team, it is likely that your team has hundreds or thousands of followers. How can a custom app help develop and increase the following for your team?

1) Fans Can Keep Track Of Breaking News

Your official team app can break player news or any other stories regarding your team first. When fans use your app to keep track of player trades, the hiring or firing of coaches or contract extensions within your team, your fans will come to your news outlet first when they want to stay up-to-date on what the franchise is up to.

2) Fans Can Keep Track Of Game Scores

Your fans can’t always be at the game or watch the game on TV. However, those who are interested in the latest game score can use your sports team app to see the score in real time. Additionally, fans can keep track of the box score to check on how their fantasy players are performing on the day.

3) Live Audio And Video Feeds Can Be Made Available

Those who are watching the game from out of town can feel as if they are back home with live audio and video feeds through your team app. For many fans, having the ability to listen to the hometown announce team call the action on the radio is preferable to listening to a national crew commentate the game on television.

4) Archives Can Be Created

Fans love to argue about who the greatest player in team history was or who put up the best numbers in a given year. With a fully searchable archive, anyone can find out how many yards the quarterback threw for two years ago or who set a team rushing record back in the 1970s.

5) Help New Fans Learn More About The Team And Its Sport

Not everyone grew up as a sports fanatic. Those who came to America from another country may not understand the rules of concepts surrounding the game of football. To help new fans understand and enjoy the game, tutorials can be accessed through the sports app to make it easier to understand the shotgun formation or why it is important to convert on third down.

Football game app development has come a long way in the last decade. With a custom app, your team is able to deliver everything that your fans need to stay in the loop regarding their favorite team. Whether app users are looking to learn more about the game, learn more about the team or enjoy watching a game on their smartphone or tablet, a quality app can enhance and solidify your team’s fan following.

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